Solestial Products

  1. Solar Cell

    Our ultrathin, flexible, silicon heterojunction solar cells offer 20%* efficiency and are the only silicon solar cells on the market capable of low-temperature annealing of radiation damage.

    We engineer our solar cells in-house for optimal performance in space, leveraging commercially available silicon wafers.

    * Solar cell statistics reflect Generation 2 product available in late 2024.
  2. Flexible Solar Power Modules

    Our flexible, low mass, and radiation-hardened solar cell allows us to reimagine packaging. We replace cover glass and composite substrate with polymer layers, resulting in a thin solar power module that can withstand up to 10 years in a variety of destinations in space.

    Flexible Solar Panel Product Render
  3. Integrated Solar Power Modules

    Our flexible solar power modules can be paired with rigid or flexible substrates. Solestial offers module-to-substrate integrations to deliver integrated solar power modules that are ready to install on your spacecraft.

  4. Solar Array

    We are partnering with a variety of firms to offer complete solar array capabilities. Our flexible solar power modules can be integrated with a wide range of solar array deployment systems.

A Conversation with Diana Aponte,

Solestial Head of Product