Solar Array

We are partnering with a variety of firms to offer complete solar array capabilities. Our flexible solar power modules can be integrated with a wide range of solar array deployment systems.

Solestial’s technology is the perfect complement to our high-performance composite structures. We’re excited to work with Solestial to develop the next generation of deployable and re-deployable solar array systems that will enable exciting new capabilities for Space operators!

Trevor Smith, CEO, Atomic-6

Solestial’s rollable blanket epitomizes innovation in solar cell technology, revolutionizing the capabilities of power generation. Its integration into DCUBED’s endeavors has been instrumental in expanding the horizons of energy production, particularly for SmallSats. By significantly reducing stowage volume and weight, it empowers our solar arrays to achieve unprecedented deployed state performance.

Thomas Sinn, CEO, DCUBED

Solestial’s thin, flexible silicon solar cells for space enable MMA to deliver even more innovation — faster and at lower-cost. We appreciate the Solestial team and the value they create for MMA’s customers and industry!

Eric Ruhl, CTO, MMA