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Solestial Employees working in the solar clean lab.

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Solestial Employees, Company Offsite – May 2023

To date, Solestial has raised more than $12M from leading aerospace and technology investors.

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Scaling Manufacturing in 2024 and Beyond

Solestial is on track to deliver one megawatt of manufacturing capacity for space photovoltaics in 2024, but we’re not stopping there. As we continue to scale our operations and leverage the manufacturing techniques of terrestrial silicon, we are working towards a goal of producing tens, hundreds, and someday thousands, of megawatts of space photovoltaics per year. Every day we work to create a future where development in space is not hindered by accessible energy.

Solestial Co-Founders Stan Herasimenka and Mikhail Reginevich Started Working Together in 2010.

Solestial’s roots began in 2010 when co-founders Stan Herasimenka and Mikhail Reginevich met and bonded over a shared interest in solar cells. A year later, the pair began collaborating on novel metallization for silicon heterojunction solar cells at Arizona State University, eventually founding Regher Solar in 2013. 

The goal of the company was to develop novel manufacturing technologies for terrestrial silicon solar cells. In 2015, Stan and Mikhail worked on a NASA project testing radiation hardness in ultrathin silicon solar cells. Through their work they met Alex Fedoseyev, who would later become their Chief Scientist, and realized that ultrathin silicon cells have enormous potential for use in space. By 2018, as plans for several large satellite constellations requiring tens of megawatts of solar were announced, and the team realized that there was a disconnect between demand and available capacity of space grade solar modules. As a result, the team decided to focus exclusively on developing solar technology for use in space.

In 2022, Regher Solar rebranded as Solestial to better communicate its space-centric focus. Today, Solestial is a fast-growing company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sale of silicon solar power modules for space to a variety of commercial and government customers.