We Exist to Deliver Abundant Energy in Space.

We’re at an Exciting Inflection Point for Human Activity in Space.

Today, demand for incumbent space solar power technologies, specifically III-V multijunction solar cells and panels, vastly outpaces manufacturing supply. Driven by falling launch costs, exciting new opportunities in space—ranging from large satellite constellations to space-based solar power—are increasingly power hungry, deepening an already endemic problem.

Solestial will solve this critical problem by delivering space-optimized silicon photovoltaic technology at scale to power development in space. By using silicon, we are able to leverage the technological advancements made over the last several decades in the terrestrial silicon industry, while our proprietary technology enables us to upgrade silicon cells and packaging to withstand the rigors of space.

We’ve designed all our products from the ground up with scalability in mind. We avoid the use of materials that add unnecessary cost and cannot be sourced from multiple vendors in large quantities, and we only use manufacturing processes that can be automated at scale.

Our innovative solar products provide customers with the best combination of radiation hardness, performance, and cost, at virtually unlimited scale.

A Conversation with Stan Herasimenka, 

Solestial CEO and Co-Founder