Integrated Solar Power Modules

Our flexible solar power modules can be paired with rigid or flexible substrates. Solestial offers module-to-substrate integrations to deliver integrated solar power modules that are ready to install on your spacecraft.

Lab technician holding an Integrated Solar Panel Module

Product Details

Rigid panel integration

Solestial can integrate into customer furnished panels or we can procure substrates from our aerospace manufacturing partners to provide a solution that meets customer design and schedule requirements.

Flexible blanket integration

Based on customer requirements, we ensure that the substrates and films we use maintain flexible properties to ensure a bend radius of 5 cm. The cell layout within our solar power modules can be modified to meet customer integration requirements and produce a flexible array.

Picture frame integration

For customers who require a little more rigidity, our SPMs can easily be integrated into a frame configuration. We can integrate into customer frames, or source frames from our aerospace manufacturing partners. This also allows customers to reduce the mass of the panel by providing a rigid perimeter frame and removing most of the rigid backing substrate.