Flexible Solar Power Modules

Our flexible, low mass, and radiation-hardened solar cell allows us to reimagine packaging. We replace cover glass and composite substrate with polymer layers, resulting in a thin solar power module that can withstand up to 10 years in a variety of destinations in space.

Side-angle view of a lab tech demonstrating the flexibility of a flexible solar power module, designed and manufactured by Solestial.

Technical Specifications


Our unique packaging replaces cover glass and bulky substrates with polymer and ceramic films to produce a thin and flexible solar power module. Solestial SPMs can be safely rolled into a 5 cm bend radius.

Low mass

Our total solar power module mass is 420 g/m2. This includes the cells, interconnects, and protective film layers.


Bifacial technology allows a photovoltaic module to generate power from light received on either side of the module. Our silicon heterojunction solar cells are intrinsically bifacial, allowing us to rethink packaging for our solar power modules to maximize power. Bifacial technology has the potential to change the way we think about solar arrays and spacecraft orientation. This technology is available to our customers on demand.

Long-lasting cell-to-cell interconnects

Our proprietary cell-to-cell interconnection technology is optimized for very thin crystalline silicon solar cells that can withstand up to 10 years in a variety of destinations in space.

UV and AO protective coatings

The AO and UV protective coatings leveraged by Solestial have been used in the space solar power industry for many years and are proven to protect modules from the damage encountered in low Earth orbits.

Scalable automated manufacturing

Solestial solar power modules are designed for manufacturing using processes derived from the terrestrial solar and PCB industries that can scale to gigawatts as the space industry grows. Solestial’s technology allows us to manufacture large-scale modules in weeks, not months or years.

person in a lab coat wearing gloves holding a flexible solar power module