Solar Energy for Space

The Next Generation of Silicon Photovoltaics for Space Has Arrived.

We are delivering the next generation of space-stable silicon photovoltaics. Our efficient, reliable, radiation-hardened solutions feature competitive performance and 90% lower cost than III-V multijunction solar products.

By the Numbers

We’re growing rapidly and scaling our manufacturing efforts to support the future of solar energy in space.


Raised from leading investors

1 MW

Manufacturing capacity in 2024


1/10 The cost of III-V multijunction solar

Breakthrough Technology

The only solar products on the market that self-cure radiation damage at operating temperatures.

  1. Solar Cell

    Our ultrathin, flexible, silicon heterojunction solar cells offer 20%* efficiency and are the only silicon solar cells on the market capable of low-temperature annealing of radiation damage.

    We engineer our solar cells in-house for optimal performance in space, leveraging commercially available silicon wafers.

    * Solar cell statistics reflect Generation 2 product available in late 2024.
    Schematic view of a single solar cell
    3D render of a single solar cell
  2. Flexible Solar Power Modules

    Our flexible, low mass, and radiation-hardened solar cell allows us to reimagine packaging. We replace cover glass and composite substrate with polymer layers, resulting in a thin solar power module that can withstand up to 10 years in a variety of destinations in space.

    Schematic view of a Flexible Solar Power Module3D render of a Flexible Solar Power Module
    3D render of a Flexible Solar Power Module3D render of a Flexible Solar Power Module
  3. Integrated Solar Power Modules

    Our flexible solar power modules can be paired with rigid or flexible substrates. Solestial offers module-to-substrate integrations to deliver integrated solar power modules that are ready to install on your spacecraft.

  4. Solar Array

    We are partnering with a variety of firms to offer complete solar array capabilities. Our flexible solar power modules can be integrated with a wide range of solar array deployment systems.

    Schematic view of a Z-Folded solar array3D render of a Z-Folded solar array
    Z-Folded solar array3D render of a Z-Folded solar array

We work closely with our commercial and government customers and partners to test and deliver quality products.

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A Community of Innovators

Our dynamic growth is a testament to our team’s relentless pursuit of innovation. If you share our passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, look no further for a rewarding career.

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