Solestial and Atomos Reach 20-Kilowatt Solar Blanket Deal 

Solar technology partnership to power orbital transfer
vehicle missions

TEMPE, Ariz. and BROOMFIELD, Colo., August 2, 2023 — Solestial, Inc. (“Solestial”), the solar energy company for space,  and in-space logistics provider Atomos Space (“Atomos”), today  announced a multi-mission sales agreement for a minimum of 20  kilowatts (“kW”) of Solestial’s ultrathin, low-mass, radiation hardened solar blankets. Solestial’s photovoltaic system will be  demonstrated on Atomos’s first mission, scheduled for February  2024, and then will provide primary power for Atomos’s solar electric orbital transfer vehicles (“OTVs”) on two subsequent  commercial missions, beginning in late 2024. 

Both companies are 2019 Techstars accelerator alumni and will be  demonstrating large scale viability of their technology in operational  missions beginning in 2024. The partnership will allow both  Solestial and Atomos to further their goals through close  collaboration over the coming years.

Atomos is developing high-power OTVs to provide a range of in space transportation services to satellite operators. The use of  high-power electric propulsion, enabled by Solestial’s technology,  allows Atomos to perform challenging missions with unprecedented  speed. After the initial demonstration, the following blanket shipsets  from Solestial will power two OTVs providing deployment services to constellation operators in low Earth orbit (“LEO”) and relocation services to operators in other orbits, respectively.

The agreement with Atomos signals the beginning of a new phase  for Solestial, as the company begins to scale commercial  commitments and delivery in parallel with completing technical  testing. In May, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy  Commission (“CEA”) independently validated the ability of  Solestial’s ultrathin silicon solar cells to effectively anneal radiation  damage under sunlight at 90°C. Solestial solar blankets are  proving to be an affordable, scalable alternative to traditional space  photovoltaics, ready for design-in to missions being planned today. 

“Solestial is an important partner for us,” said Vanessa Clark,  Atomos Co-Founder and CEO. “It was clear that traditional space  solar was too expensive and too supply-constrained to support our  high-power OTV design. We were attracted to Solestial’s solution  as they provided the best combination of solar array specific mass  performance, radiation hardness, and affordability available on the  market today.” 

“We are inspired by Atomos’s mission and humbled by their  confidence in us,” said Stan Herasimenka, Solestial Co-Founder  and CEO. “It’s an exciting time in the space industry and we’re  excited to be in a position to power groundbreaking, innovative  missions like these.” 

About Solestial
Solestial, Inc. (“Solestial”) is the solar energy company for space.  Solestial’s breakthrough technology is a silicon solar cell  engineered for space to self-cure radiation damage under sunlight  at a normal operating temperature of 80°C. Solestial solar cells are  packaged in an ultrathin, flexible, low-mass solar blanket  engineered to withstand up to 10 years in LEO. Solestial solar  blankets can be produced using automated machines resulting in  costs 90% lower than incumbent technologies. Solestial targets  2025 for the launch of a manufacturing facility capable of producing  10 MW/year of solar blankets. From today’s satellite constellations  and research projects to tomorrow’s lunar settlements and services  in space, Solestial’s innovative technology represents a paradigm  shift for space solar; an affordable, durable, scalable solution to  power the new space economy. Solestial is a US company  manufacturing cells and blankets in Tempe, Arizona. To learn more, visit our website or follow us on social media.

About Atomos Space
Atomos Space (“Atomos”) was founded in 2018 to make every  orbit accessible through space-resident orbital transfer vehicles (“OTVs”). Atomos offers uniquely fast and high-performance in space deployment, relocation, and life extension services through  the application of high-power electric propulsion. Atomos has  raised over $26M in three rounds of funding and an additional $5.5M in US government contracts. Atomos operates out of their  new 20,000 square foot facility in Broomfield, CO. Learn more at

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